Dr. Chirag Bhingradia

Dr Chirag graduated with honours in his Bachelor of Dental Surgery at Rajiv Gandhi University in 2011 and has 10 years of experience. He became accredited by the Australian Dental Council in 2016 and commenced practicing dentistry in Brisbane. In 2019, he moved to Camden and has been practising as a principal dentist at Warren Camden Dental. A polite and friendly dentist who enjoys his profession with passion and responsibility, Dr Chirag is dedicated and skilled with experience in all general fields of dentistry. He offers a personalised service for each patient, taking the time to listen and detailing treatment options from the beginning. Dr Chirag keeps himself up to date in the field of dentistry by regularly attending dental conferences and courses as part of his continuing professional education. He strives for perfection in his approach to each and every patient, taking the time to understand his patients' requests and answering all of their questions. He is gentle and considerate of his patients' dental needs. His ultimate goal in dentistry is patient satisfaction.