Dental Implants

Advanced Digital-Guided

4th Generation Dental Implants

1. Single Implants

Single-tooth dental implants can be an ideal solution for people missing one or more teeth — assisting in improving chewing and making smiles better. If you reckon you might require an implant, you’ll want to understand what to anticipate along the way.

2. Implant Bridges

An implant supported fixed bridge is needed for those patients who have lost between two to four teeth in a row. According to the size and shape of missing teeth, we can replace a larger number of teeth with a single fixed bridge. In certain instances, we can also use several fixed bridge restorations to replace a full row of teeth.

3. All-on-4

All on 4 dental implants is a kind of procedure that offers you a full set of teeth assisted by a total of four implants in each jaw. An upper and lower set of All-on-4 may be an ideal solution if you have lost the teeth. All-on-4 dental implants are kept permanently in place by 4 titanium screw implants in your jawbone. The dentures can frequently be fitted on the exact day as the surgery, they seem like normal teeth and they’re safely positioned so they cannot be removed.

4. Implant Supported Over Denture

Over Dentures are dentures that are secured to the gum through implants. It is very common for patients to feel frustrated with the traditional nature of slipping dentures, secured Over Dentures are a solution to this.

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